Meet our professionals

Here is a list of very active producers working in our region. They work on feature films, shorts, documentaries and animation. The pictogram specifies the type of project they work on.
Feature films, Documentaries, Short films , Animated Films, Line Producers ●, Films and series TV

Find also the 2 main studios and the professional associations.

13 Productions 

Adastra films ●

Amphitane Films ●

Babel Doc

Baldenders Films

Bluearth Productions ●

Cicada Production 

Cinéphage Productions

Comic Strip Production

Crescendo Media Films

Films de Force Majeure ●

(Les) Films de l'œil sauvage 

(Les) Films du tambour de soie 

First Step ●

Froggie production


Istiqlal films

Jake productions ●

Kanzaman ●

Khora film

La Station Animation

Mirak Films

Miyu Productions

Neon Productions ●

Nocturnes Productions

Peninsula Film

Prima Luce

Promenades Films

Seconde Vague productions TV

Shellac Sud

Tita Productions

Tu Nous Za Pas Vus Productions

The Studios for your shootings

Two large film and video production studios work hand in hand for your feature films and TV productions. They are also suitable for ads, shorts etc. Provence studios are in the vicinity of Marseille and Les Studios de la Victorine are situated in Nice.

Provence studios
Provence studios has new virtual studio technologies with The next stage.

Provence Studios Provence Studios Provence Studios Provence Studios Provence Studios

La victorine  


Professional associations

AARSE, the association of the writers and directors of Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

ARTS, the association of the technicians of the South-East.

Les Producteurs associés Région Sud regroups the producers of the Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

La Réplique, a collective of 300 professional actors and actresses with the purpose of transmission, research and networking. Based in Marseille and has two sites in the Vaucluse and Var departments.

La Belle Equipe, a collective of screenwriters from the South of France. 

SUDANIM, an association gathering all the players in the animation sector : schools, talents, producers, studios.

Association "Les Acteurs de Cannes” , a collective of professional actors and actresses who have their residency in the City of Cannes.

Film studies programs in region sud

With more than 70 studies programs offered each year in the region, it is possible to study the main film and audiovisual professions. Creative technologies, documentary writing, animation: centres of excellence with professional-level facilities answer all you needs

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